Scott Syphax

Scott Syphax is the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Nehemiah Companies, a Sacramento, CA based social enterprise and real estate development firm. Scott leads the development team of Township 9 – a 3,000 unit master-planned, smart-growth community in downtown Sacramento. As CEO of Nehemiah, he manages the Nehemiah Community Reinvestment Fund, which has leveraged over $880 million in projects to spur development in low-income and underserved communities. Through Nehemiah Corporation of America’s former flagship program, The Nehemiah Program, Nehemiah provided more than $1.5 billion in downpayment assistance gift funds to help over 320,000 families achieve their dream of homeownership.

Joel Phillips

Joël Phillips founded EMT Associates, Inc. in 1981. He has over three decades experience in planning, conducting, and managing research projects related to the abuse of alcohol or other drugs, particularly in relation to various nationally and state-directed prevention initiatives. Among his accomplishments, he co-authored a best-selling book on facts and myths surrounding cocaine, and along with Dr. Fred Springer, he participated in the development of the Individual Protective Factors Index (IPFI), a multi-dimensional measure of adolescent resiliency. Mr. Phillips has been the primary architect of EMT’s TTA service delivery system, which utilizes technological innovation to facilitate the dissemination of science-based information. Mr. Phillips has served as the project director for nearly 30 separate technical assistance and training projects, and has supervised the delivery of thousands of days of technical assistance, written numerous TA resource materials and training curricula, and served as lead trainer for state and national audiences on a broad range of behavioral health issues. For the past five years, Mr. Phillips served as the Officer-in-Charge for the U.S. Department of Education’s national Readiness for Emergency Management in Schools (REMS) Resource Center initiative and brings strong content knowledge in the areas of emergency management and disaster behavioral health. Mr. Phillips is responsible for corporate management and fiscal oversight on all projects. He has managed as annual budget of $2.5–4 million for the past decade with all projects being completed within the proposed budget and with no audit exemptions.

Edward A Phillips

Edward A Phillips, President & Owner, Phillips Enterprises, Inc., has over 40 years of experience in the utility industry.  As a founder and owner of a consulting firm specializing in creating innovative energy solutions for the design and construction industries, and president and general manager of M&M Power Products, a partnership with WESCO Distribution, Inc., which distributes electrical equipment, hardware and supplies to the utility industry, Mr. Phillips is an expert in the operations of utility companies.

Louis A. Zimmerle

Louis A. Zimmerle is a highly skilled, polished, human resources management and business executive with over 15 years of experience. Mr. Zimmerle has a proven record of successfully assessing, implementing, and organizing myriad of organizational and operational human resources functions driven and supported by training and change management. His clients, community based and non-organizations, public officials, private corporations have recognized Mr. Zimmerle’s leadership, strategic/tactical skills, team building, propensity to build effective consensus and coalitions. Known for his aptitude for grasping, analyzing data and operations to synthesize clear and comprehensive summaries and reports, Mr. Zimmerle works well technical, labor, administrative, and executive staff. His clients have profited from his ability and knack “for seeing around the corner and vision for emerging markets” and understanding of the dynamics of developing markets, communities, and demographic trends.