Charles Doolittle, Lead Instructional Designer

Charles Doolittle is the Lead Instructional Designer for Freeman Consulting & Development (FreemanCD). Mr. Doolittle plays a key role in the content development phase of course development as well as the quality control aspects of ELearning projects and processes.

As the Lead Instructional Designer, Mr. Doolittle has the ability to understand and work with a variety of source materials in developing eLearning course content as well as the ability to conduct research and information gathering related to course content and learning objectives. Mr. Doolittle has strong technical writing skills, in addition, has working knowledge of eLearning development tools such as Adobe Captivate in order to specify the presentation of course content in software-tool page templates.

Summary of Professional Experience

Charles Doolittle has over 30 years of professional experience including nine years of experience in developing eLearning courses. As a Senior Technology Analyst at EMT Associates (a Sacramento-based consulting firm), he played a lead role in selecting the eLearning development platform, developing curriculum for eLearning courses, and building workforce development courses. Mr. Doolittle has authored about 30 courses across a range of fields including mentoring and youth development, substance abuse prevention and treatment, school emergency management, school climate, and mental health.

As a Senior Technology Analyst for EMT Associates, Mr. Doolittle engaged in online training course development, technical writing, information systems analysis and development, data management, and information technology consulting services.

Prior to joining EMT Associates in 2004, Mr. Doolittle served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the City of Colorado Springs, a municipal government organization serving a community of 375,000. As CIO, he was responsible for the central information technology (IT) department for the City and for IT policy planning and coordination Citywide. He held the position of CIO for the last five years of a 20 year career with the City.

As a key staff member for the City of Colorado Springs and as a consultant, Mr. Doolittle has accumulated over 30 years experience working with public sector organizations in analyzing systems, implementing organizational solutions, supporting strategic planning efforts, and conducting policy analysis. For Colorado Springs, he served as lead staff manager for development of the City’s strategic plan and for implementation of a competitiveness program. Prior to joining the City of Colorado Springs, Mr. Doolittle worked for seven years for consulting firms working in the courts, criminal justice, local government, and human resources fields.

M.S.J.A., Judicial Administration, University of Denver, College of Law, 1977 Class Valedictorian

B.A., Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1975

Professional Experience

EMT Associates, Inc.                                                                            2004 to 2014

Senior Technology Analyst

Provided technology development services for EMT consulting projects, notably the development of online training courses. These courses are delivered through a web-based system utilizing a self-paced, interactive learning format. Course topics include a variety of subjects in substance use prevention, mentoring, and school emergency management. Mr. Doolittle served as the primary writer and editor for online course content and developer of course graphics. He was also the primary writer for the SAMHSA’s Road to Recovery project (EMT with ICF International as subcontractor) which called for the development of a comprehensive discussion guide supporting Road to Recovery television shows. This project produced six one-hour and two half-hour television shows that were distributed nationally, reaching an audience of over 47 million viewers annually.

City of Colorado Springs                                                                                             

Chief Information Officer                                                                   2000 to 2004

Manager of the information technology department for the City of Colorado Springs. Exercised executive management responsibility for the information technology function Citywide, including the development of an IT strategic plan and coordination of IT systems across departments. Responsible for all major enterprise systems, including accounting, finance, and human resources systems. Responsible for developing and maintaining the City’s award-winning web site.

Chief of Staff                                                                                        1999 to 2000

Served as chief administrative aide to the City Manager. Coordinated the development of City Council agendas. Responsible for several staff offices reporting to the City Manager’s office.

GIS and Business Planning Manager                                               1989 to 1999

Responsible for developing and maintaining geographic information systems for the planning and engineering functions of the City. Also responsible for an office providing analysis and consulting services to City departments to improve systems and operations.

Senior Analyst – CJIS Project Manager                                            1986 to 1989

Manager of an IT development project for the Municipal Court, City Attorney’s prosecution division, and Police Department. The Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) is the primary case management system for the court and prosecution operations in the City and provides key master name and criminal history functions for the Police Department.

Personnel Management Specialist II                                               1985 to 1986

Served as a classification and compensation analyst for the City, conducting job audits, classification system development, compensation surveys, and compensation analysis.

Ralph Andersen and Associates – Staff Consultant                     1983 to 1984

Served as a consultant on projects for a variety of local governments in the areas of classification and compensation system development and management analysis.

EMT Associates, Inc. – Co-Founder                                                  1981 to 1982

Founded EMT Associates with Joel Phillips and Dr. David Island. Managed and coordinated a training program serving multiple local governments in the Sacramento region.